Modeller's Handbook

Paper is the precious material for modellers. If you had good idea for card model you are able achieve better result than from plastic or resin kits. More this model is cheaper and easier to build. This paper model is the best evidence for this theory.

Model printing.

Before printing check if default setting of the printer allowed to print sheet in scale 1:1. If not change it


Page Scaling: None

Auto-Rotate and Center: YES

Choose paper source by PDF page zize: Yes 


Imitation of panel lines.

Armour of the real USS Monitor has been made from rolled plates of iron. Plates were 3 ft wide and 6-7 feet long. Air intakes and smoke holes and turret roof has been protected by steel gratings. There were also eight coal chutes and one ash hatch on the deck of “USS Monitor”.


We can imitate them with the aid of ruler and sewing needle. For your convince there are pictures and direction lines close to every element where panel lines should be made. Keep the needle at an angle of about 30 degrees, don't use too much power, be careful, don't scrape the paper. You may fix the needle into X-Acto knife collet.


 Imitation of ash hatch and coal chutes.



In order to make imitation of this structures we have to make a special tool. Take a small nail diameter 1,6 mm. Fix him into vise and blunt it with the aid of a file. Put your blunted nail perpendicularly to the paper and delicately hit it from above with a piece of wood. Better make a few trials on a piece of paper before you will do it on the model.

Mooring bollards

Take a 0,5 graphite leads for mechanical pencils, poller ends and fracture it on 1,5 m long pieces with the help of tweezers. Poller top of the pieces with help a sheet of paper and stick it onto bollards' base with cyan-acrylate glue.


Cutting circles.

There is a lot method how to cut an ideal circle from paper. Bellow one of them.



Photo-realistic imitation of sea water.

Download from internet photo of water. Modify texture with help of a graphic software according to you needs and print it on photographic paper.

Glue water imitation to stiff surface (glass plate or a piece of wood).



To be continued